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In Taj Mahal Restaurant We Deal In All types of Events. Weddings, Engagement, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Family Events, Social Gathering. We Provide quality Hospitality to our customers. We make a special day for his life. we provide both outdoor and indoor hospitality. We provide quality food. we have a great team who work on their domain. Here you can find all kinds of resources for exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, conventions, weddings, parties, and more.



In Birthdays we customize the beautiful decoration. We use the latest design to look things better. In Birthdays we use fresh flowers for decoration. For the sitting area, we use some kinds of styles like U-shape, L-shape round shape, and more.  

Corporate Events

If you have a large business and you get a meeting with clients. You need a good destination for a successful meeting. we provide a good place for your meeting. we provide international standard Hospitality. 

Wedding Event

If you’re planning a wedding you have a question in your mind What is the maximum capacity in the area?

do not worry about that now In taj mahal restaurant we have a big area. We provide indoor-outdoor hospitality. Taj Mahal has a good wedding planner. They use good furniture for good out-look.

Food In Event.

In every event, the menu is the most important thing. we have a wide range of food. we deal in chicken, Beef, Mutton, Chinese food, rice, Pakistani chicken cuisine, Fish, CHICKEN CUISINE GRAVY, etc.

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